Visionary Voices

"Indebted to All Women" Conversation with Documentarian and Filmmaker Maria Lobo

September 01, 2022 Diana Means Season 2 Episode 1
Visionary Voices
"Indebted to All Women" Conversation with Documentarian and Filmmaker Maria Lobo
Show Notes

Diana Means interviews documentarian and director Maria Lobo about her latest film "Indebted To All Women" a documentary created for political and social advocacy that gives voice to  El Salvadorian women suffering and struggling to change one of the most restrictive laws in the world for sexual and reproductive rights. In El Salvador abortion is punishable by 20-40 years in prison regardless of circumstance. 

About Maria Lobo

Maria Lobo has worked in media for almost two decades and has been part of the technical and directing team in documentary films such as "Yindabad" (2007) a documentary awarded at three international film festivals that narrates the struggle of the Adivasi tribes against the construction of a dam in India, and “Within the Circle”(2012), a story about mental health told by the protagonists of an audiovisual project of social inclusion. As a freelancer Lobo has also worked for TV and independent production companies.

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