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"The Perfect Picture" with Lebanese Director Hala El Kouch

September 23, 2022 Diana Means Season 2 Episode 4
Visionary Voices
"The Perfect Picture" with Lebanese Director Hala El Kouch
Show Notes

Diana Means interviews Lebanon Director Hala El Kouch about her film "The Perfect Picture" a documentary film selected for the Women Voices Now film festival.  

About the film
In order to try and fix a traumatic event that has been disclosed for a year and a half, Hala decides to reside away from her parents for an entire week in a singular closed space. After preparing it, she invites them. She insists on revisiting and disclosing the incident by overcoming her fear of communication with her parents, but things absolutely do not go as planned.

About the Director
Hala El Kouch is a director, editor, photographer, voice-over artist, and writer. She grew up in Nigeria, then moved to Lebanon for her studies in 2008. With a BA in audiovisual and an MA in film directing from the Lebanese University Of Fine Arts, she graduated with distinction. She worked as a cinema teacher in Action For Hope, as a creative director at The Actors Workshop Beirut, and as a freelancer. She has directed more than 6 short films, one of which was "Fishing Out of the Sea" which won several first-place awards in national and international festivals.

About the Podcast
Visionary Voices podcast is produced and hosted by Diana Means founder of Alliance of Women Filmmakers, a non-profit dedicated to the advancement and equality of women in entertainment. For more filmmaker conversations with Diana Means please visit

Alliance of Women Filmmakers is proud to partner with Women Voices Now to present this podcast. 

Their annual film festival promotes emerging women filmmakers using social-change films to advocate for women’s and girls’ rights around the world. For more information about WVN including their film selection process please visit The Women's Voices Now Online Film Festival

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